Natural Gas

Allison Automatics get the most out of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles equipped with natural gas engines—both compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG)—allowing those vehicles to maximize performance with the cleaner and quieter natural gas engine.

Our torque converter’s superior control at low speed and multiplication of engine torque give natural gas engines superior launch, while our electronic controls and gearbox designs allow for full-power shifting

A Win-Win for Your Fleet

Allison Automatics can help you get peak performance from your natural gas engines—no matter your application or duty-cycle.

Allison-equipped natural gas vehicles maximize performance while reducing emissions and engine noise levels. This leads to a better experience for drivers, customers and consumers. Efficient operation is just the beginning:


  • Reduced wear, fewer greasings and no manual clutch replacements leads to virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Our patented torque converter absorbs torsional activity, extending the life of the driveline
  • Multiplied torque at engine launch for better performance and greater startability
  • In first gear, Allison torque converters act as a variable-speed transmission for exceptional maneuverability
  • Prognostics capabilities identify maintenance needs before costly repairs are required, reducing vehicle downtime
  • Optional integrated retarder leads to longer brake life by assisting vehicle braking and eliminates the need for a heavy driveline retarder


Discover the Allison Advantage

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