Modern armed forces around the world expect and demand more from their military vehicles in terms of performance, quality and reliability. Equipping your military vehicle with an Allison Automatic will help meet those challenges. We produce fully automatic transmissions for light-, medium- and heavy-duty military wheeled and tracked vehicles. Our transmissions incorporate many advanced technologies from decades of design, application and production experience.

Throughout the years, Allison has remained true to a set of values that continue today: quality, reliability, durability, our drive for advanced technology, and our commitment to the military.

Allison Transmission has deep roots working with the military. After more than 60 years of continuously providing advanced transmissions and cross drives to military customers around the world, we are here to stay. Support of the military is a proud heritage woven into the very fabric of our company.

Allison has supported the military since 1917, when we first began engineering and production support for World War I aircraft engines. We continued our support with aircraft engines for World War II.

Our design, development and production of cross drives for military tracked vehicles began in the 1940s. And in the 1980s, Allison’s commercial transmissions were first used in military wheeled vehicles.

Wheeled Vehicles

The design of modern military wheeled vehicles has evolved into a sophisticated optimization of protection, payload and performance constrained by transportability and affordability. Allison Automatics allow the vehicle designer to maximize performance while minimizing Operation and Support (O&S) costs for the end user.


Allison Automatics optimize all aspects of operational mobility, including acceleration and on/off road mobility. Our Continuous Power Technology™ offers uninterrupted power to the drive wheels, smooth take off, low speed control and maneuverability. Superior startability and gradeability are also facilitated by the torque converter/planetary gear design. Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO) provide installation flexibility and the ability to provide power to vehicle mounted specialty equipment such as self-recovery winches or wrecker systems. The wide range of electronically-controlled input and output options provide the ability to integrate vehicle systems such as central tire inflation, locking differentials and blackout lighting.

The safety of crew and ground personnel is paramount to Allison Transmission. Our Allison Automatics have a proven track record of superior low speed control and maneuverability in tight quarters and when towing loads such as mobile artillery. Likewise, the ability to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road when operating in adverse weather conditions or combat operations enhance crew and vehicle safety while reducing operator stress and fatigue.

Operation and Support (O&S) Costs

Allison Automatics touch nearly all aspects of O&S costs starting with the reduction in operator training. This aspect of O&S costs has been cited as one of the primary factors that led the U.S. Army to specify automatic transmissions for wheeled military vehicles starting in the early 1980s.

Owners of wheeled military vehicles also experience the same advantages seen by commercial Allison Automatic owners including: Outstanding reliability and durability due to robust design and construction, reduced vehicle damage due to superior vehicle control and maneuverability, and reduced vehicle maintenance resulting from:

  • Elimination of the need to adjust the clutch
  • Reduced shift shocks to drivelines and axles
  • Prognostics to enable condition-based maintenance
  • Extended oil change intervals available with Allison TES 295® transmission fluid

Improved vehicle value created by reducing route time with rapid acceleration and full utilization of available engine power.

Tracked Vehicles

Modern armored tracked vehicles must provide the ultimate in protection, defense and mobility, while maintaining affordability. An Allison Military Series cross drive transmission, which integrates propulsion, steering and braking into a single, compact package, hits the target by maximizing performance and minimizing Operation and Support (O&S) costs for the end user.


High performance Allison Military Series’ cross drives optimize vehicle mobility in all terrain conditions. Allison’s Continuous Power Technology ™ allows our fully-automatic cross drives to simply and smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the tracks. Our high efficiency cross drives maximize startability, gradeability and acceleration by minimizing power wasted to friction and heat. Integral infinitely variable steering and oil cooled braking provide superior maneuverability. This smooth, precise and predictable vehicle control, even when the engine is not running, enhances vehicle stability and on-the-move firing accuracy. Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO) provide installation flexibility and the ability to provide power to vehicle mounted specialty equipment such as hydraulic pumps and mechanical fan drives. Our transmissions are also suitable for modern high-speed diesel engines. For custom applications, Allison has full design, development, procurement and manufacturing capabilities.

Operation and Support (O&S) Costs

Allison Military Series’ cross drives are designed and built for low Operating and Support (O&S) costs. Our purchasing and manufacturing groups continuously strive for affordability in the parts and processes that together create our cross drives. Due to the ease of operation, only minimal training is required to bring a driver up to speed on operating an Allison cross drive. During operation, integral sensors and advanced software algorithms work together to provide built-in powertrain protection against damaging shift shocks, over-speeds, shift cycling and other potentially harmful conditions. As a result, routine maintenance is reduced to regular oil and filter changes. Outstanding reliability and durability that results from Allison’s robust design and construction techniques increase the vehicle up-time and reduce the forward repair and maintenance costs. This reliability and durability also decreases the frequency and extent of depot level overhauls, driving costs down further.

Models + Ratings

To meet the needs of our military customers, we offer a full line of transmission models with optional features to suit your specific military vehicle needs. These transmissions are designed specifically for durability, tough terrain and superior safety, no matter the mission.

If you’re interested in configuring one of our transmissions, click here to contact us. We’re happy to discuss our current models to determine which transmission will best suit your needs. Information and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Please check with your vehicle salesperson to ensure offerings.

Allison Defense History

Allison Transmission is proud of its long heritage in support of the military. That legacy began with James Allison manufacturing aircraft engines in the early days of our company and continues today with our transmission products for military wheeled and tracked vehicles.

1917-1946: Military Aircraft

Allison Transmission’s military history dates back to 1917 when Jim Allison directed his Indianapolis Speedway Team Company to commit all resources to the U.S. war effort. Production work began on equipment and parts for the Liberty aircraft engines, including engineering upgrades and inspection equipment. The Liberty work helped sustain the company in the early years and would continue into the late 1920s.

As the role of aircraft in the military evolved, Allison continued its support of the military with the design of the V1710 engine starting in 1929. The 12-cylinder, liquid-cooled aircraft engine was produced from 1934 to 1949 and was used in many aircraft, including the North American P-51 Mustang, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the Curtis P-40 Warhawk and the Bell P-39 Airacobra.

1949-Current: Tracked Military Vehicles

During World War II, Allison applied its engineering knowledge and technology to ground transportation with the development of automatic cross drive transmissions. Production of the company’s first generation military tank cross drive, the CD 850, began in 1949 and continued for 38 years. The CD 850 powered the M47, M48 and M60 tanks for the U.S. Army and many Allied nations, and is still in use around the world.

The CD 850 was followed by the XT1400/1410 cross drives for the M51 tank and M88 recovery vehicles; and the XTG 411 cross drive for the M109 and M110 howitzers and related vehicles. Production of the XT1400/1410 began in 1954 and continued for 34 years. Production of the XT411 began in 1962 and continued for 39 years.

The venerable tracked M113 family of Armored Personnel Carriers has always been Allison equipped. The original version utilized the TX100 transmission while later versions used the X200 cross drive. The TX100 was produced for 33 years from 1964 through 1997; the X200 started production in 1986 and is still in production today, more than 27 years later.

Allison started production of the X1100 cross drive in 1979 for use in the U.S. Army’s M1 main battle tank. After more than 34 years, production of the X1100 continues today.

In 1981, as the popularity of the Allison military cross drives grew, Allison expanded its business with licensed global production programs. As a result, Allison military cross drives can be found in tracked vehicles produced in Allied nations around the world.

1978-Current: Military Wheeled Vehicles

The U.S. Army monitored the growing popularity of automatic transmissions and conducted testing in several military truck applications. In 1973, the Army held a comparison test of military trucks equipped with several types and brands of transmissions. The fuel economy and reliability advantages of the Allison Automatic were so convincing, the Army made the automatic transmission the standard for military trucks, as it had been for military tracked vehicles since 1948.

In 1978, as a direct result of that decision, Allison began delivering automatic transmissions from our commercial product line to OEMs for use in military wheeled vehicles. Since that time, nearly all medium- and heavy-tactical, combat and combat-support wheeled trucks for the U.S. military have been equipped with an Allison Automatic. Around the world, usage of automatic transmissions in military wheeled vehicles continues to grow with Allison products in numerous military wheeled vehicles of Allied nations.

Defense Applications

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