Allison ReTran®

What’s Inside a ReTran®?

Every genuine Allison ReTran® transmission is remanufactured from the ground up at the Allison Transmission remanufacturing facility. Here, transmissions are disassembled part-by-part to clean, qualify and test each component to screen for the possibility of reuse. New components needed for a ReTran are always brand new, exclusively Allison Genuine Parts™. Quality inside means you get a more reliable, dependable remanufactured transmission. It’s a promise you’ll only get with an authentic Allison ReTran.

What’s Inside Others?

Who knows? After all, what’s inside a transmission is not readily visible from the outside. If you’re not specifying a ReTran, you can’t really know what’s inside the transmission. It could be anything, from inferior parts to substandard machining to inadequate testing, and it all could be built into an imposter’s remanufactured transmission. Substandard efforts can put people, payloads and performance at risk, and short-term savings aren’t savings when they turn into long-term headaches.

To get an inside look at the comprehensive process of creating a Allison ReTran, watch the video below.

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