Allison Genuine Parts™

Allison Genuine Parts™ are engineered specifically for your Allison transmission using state-of-the-art technology unique to our company. Non-genuine manufacturers attempt to reverse-engineer Allison parts—meaning they are designed without our standards, specifications, manufacturing processes and expertise. Inferior parts can lead to downtime, unnecessary costs and premature breakdowns. And because non-genuine parts do not meet Allison standards and specifications, they can lead to installation issues and future breakdowns of associated parts. Non-genuine parts do not offer the same quality, reliability and expertise of Allison Genuine Parts.

The Allison Genuine Parts™ Difference

  • Parts are built to original factory specifications
  • Replacement parts are identical to original parts
  • Can only be purchased from Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers
  • Backed by an Allison Factory Warranty
  • Supported by our Allison Authorized service network
  • Allison Genuine Parts packaging

Genuine Parts Brochure

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