Our company is highly environmentally conscious with our green manufacturing processes and recent ISO 140001 recertification. Allison is very environmentally friendly as shown below:

  • Reduction in chemical usage by 20% year over year.
  • Phased out 90% of aerosol cans (2012).
  • Reduction in trash waste by 50 tons/year (2013).
  • Made various lighting upgrades over the years to include LED, sensors, etc.
  • Removed hazardous waste streams at Plant 17 (2016)
  • Added knife gates to control any chemical release on site with gate closure to ensure no material leaves the facility.
  • Repaired fire loop at the facility that was accredited to over 1M gallons of water leaking (2016).
  • Obtained Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) member in 2018. This is an elite membership and provides many benefits regarding reporting, inspections and engagement.
  • Designed and built new Power House with energy efficient boilers now in use (2019).
  • Improved infrastructure and energy efficiency by replacing rooftop units and/or HVAC throughout facility (2019).

Below is some details of how much ATI Indy has recycled in 2019 (thru September).

  • Aluminium Cans - 3,234 lbs.
  • Cardboard - 243,607 lbs.
  • e-Waste (electronics/wire) - 30,059 lbs.
  • Mixed Plastics - 199,617 lbs.
  • Pallets / Wood (sold) - 787,815 lbs.
  • Scrap Metals - 14,445,712 lbs.